The focus of our work is on human being, whom we support in the context of work with tools provided by psychology. We are experienced professionals in coaching individuals, small or large groups. Within the coaching process we use scientifically proven test procedures and solution-oriented, systemic methods. We consult our clients individually and tailor the methods, the content and the timing of the coaching measured to their needs.  


We work with your existing resources. Do you have your own tools for personnel development? We integrate them profitably into your coaching concept on the basis of our many years of experience and scientifically founded competence. 


You hardly have time for further training? We offer you a hybrid framework of online and face-to-face elements that can be used very efficiently "on the job" - accompanying you during your work.


The IMAP team consists of psychologists and consultants with special qualifications in medical ethics, evidence-based crisis intervention and business psychology.

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