Team Members of Institut IMAP

Working together for over 10 years has given us a deep sense of trust and has created great synergies, which today help us work shoulder to shoulder for our customers. Following this principle, we have successfully executed multi-module leadership development programmes with up to 460 managers at 20 different locations, and a major event consisting of 900 attendees.


Here we briefly introduce some of the IMAP team members.

Alexander Milz in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP

Alexander Milz

Alexander Milz has been an freelance organisational consultant and trainer since 1995. His studies of existential psychology, his training in existential analysis and logo therapy and his accreditation as a non-medical practitioner as well as a coaching and supervision training top off his expertise.

In his work, he primarily specialises in leadership development in middle management areas. As part of his psychological counselling and lifestyle practice, he also offers coaching and life counselling.

Andrea Sesterheim in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP

Andrea Sesterheim


Andrea Sesterheim was originally employed as a training manager in a large department store group. She has been working as an independent communications trainer and consultant in various industries since 1994. Her work focuses on leadership development, trainer qualification, team development and all the associated tools, such as rhetoric, presentation techniques and moderation. With her systemic background as a DVNLP instructor, certification as a systemic consultant at the Milton Erickson Institute in Heidelberg and Feldenkrais training with Mia Segal, she consistently pursues a holistic approach. With an eagerness to experiment, she also integrates theatre methods in her trainings. She has been working successfully with the use of her therapy dog, Ben, for 3 years now. “Especially with topics that are associated with stage fright, the dog distracts from someone’s own fear of failure, his mere presence provides for sense of ease and Ben is a welcome guest in the seminars.”

Herbert Warmbier in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP

Herbert H. Warmbier

Herbert H. Warmbier (freelancer since 2001) has many years of experience in teaching and in adult education, and has been trained as a trainer in several communication methods, including non-violent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, as an NLP trainer and coach as well as a conflict coach. He works as a trainer, coach, consultant and supervisor in various areas: for organisations, companies and individuals. One of his guiding principles is to support and accompany the opening of new perspectives.


Jutta Weimar in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP


Jutta Weimar

Jutta Weimar has been a facilitator (process facilitator, Certified Professional Facilitator (IAF World)), trainer and coach with a focus on large group moderation, change monitoring and leadership development since 2000. Her professional passion is the design and moderation of processes that enable people and groups to unleash their full potential and develop leadership qualities.

She obtained her in-depth education in large group dialogue forms and moderation (Open Space Technology, Future Search, World Café, etc.) from Harrison Owen, Marvin Weissbord, Sandra Janoff, etc. Furthermore, she is a certified (teaching) trainer (DVNLP), certified coach (EACS, DVNLP), has an education in systemic consulting and in-depth experience in analytical group dynamics (DAP Berlin). She is currently training as a dance therapist.