Team Members of Institut IMAP

Working together for over 10 years has given us a deep sense of trust and has created great synergies, which today help us work shoulder to shoulder for our customers. Following this principle, we have successfully executed multi-module leadership development programmes with up to 460 managers at 20 different locations, and a major event consisting of 900 attendees.


Here we briefly introduce some of the IMAP team members.

Uwe Machts

Since 2006, Uwe Machts has been an independent trainer and coach focusing on leadership training, coaching and monitoring of processes, team training and team coaching, presentation, stress and self-management as well as negotiation techniques. With much desire, energy and further trainings in systemic organization, systemic family constellation and as a burnout coach, he challenges and encourages people and organizations in different stages of development.

Alexander Milz in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP

Alexander Milz

Alexander Milz has been an freelance organisational consultant and trainer since 1995. His studies of existential psychology, his training in existential analysis and logo therapy and his accreditation as a non-medical practitioner as well as a coaching and supervision training top off his expertise.

In his work, he primarily specialises in leadership development in middle management areas. As part of his psychological counselling and lifestyle practice, he also offers coaching and life counselling.

Herbert Warmbier in Kooperation mit Institut IMAP

Herbert H. Warmbier

Herbert H. Warmbier (freelancer since 2001) has many years of experience in teaching and in adult education, and has been trained as a trainer in several communication methods, including non-violent communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg, as an NLP trainer and coach as well as a conflict coach. He works as a trainer, coach, consultant and supervisor in various areas: for organisations, companies and individuals. One of his guiding principles is to support and accompany the opening of new perspectives.

Birgit Schmidt-Vogel

Birgit Schmidt-Vogel has been working as a freelancer since 2004 in her key areas of personnel development, organizational development, change processes and coaching. In her work with employees up to top management, worldwide listed companies as well as in medium-sized companies or non-profit operations, she always concentrates on the creation of meaning. With a systematic approach as a basis, she has an eye on the needs of the individual.

Eckard Münch

Eckhard Münch has been an independent trainer, consultant and coach for 15 years, focusing on communication, conflict management, leadership, project management, change management and occupational health management. In addition, he is an author of several specialist books and articles, primarily on issues of occupational health management and absences management and completed a number of relevant training courses (including Business Coach, Systemic Coach (certified by ECA).

His motto "learning is to make a difference where there was so difference before". (Gregory Bateson)