Intervention & Measures

The IMAP Institute carries out the process of personnel or organisational development – according to company-specific requirements – with an individual selection of the following methods. The possible interventions and measures are as varied as the requests of our customers:

Training Courses by the IMAP Institute

Training courses by the IMAP Institute offer an interactive approach to theories and models, and provide practical guidance. We allow participants to build on their previous knowledge and to link it to their day-to-day experience at work. By setting clear objectives at the end of our training courses, we ensure a timely and practical knowledge transfer, with implementation measures already planned and tested during the seminar. The seminar contents are tailored to our customer needs.


IMAP offers training courses and workshops on the following issues:

  • Transparent communication
  • Situational leadership
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Service & customer relationship management in customer contact
  • Self, resource & health management
  • Rhetoric in presentations & moderations
  • Development of agile teams
  • Faculty experts’ qualification (certified by TÜV Rheinland)
  • BBS (behaviour based safety)
  • Dealing with mental illnesses in the workplace
  • Responsibility as a manager (in collaboration with the public prosecutors’ offices)

Other topics may be covered on request.

Beispiel Arbeiten im Workshop - Institut IMAP

Workshops by the IMAP Institute

In it's workshops the IMAP Institute supports groups in finding ideas for and solutions to a wide range of projects and issues. Through our moderation, we seek to promote creativity and team spirit and to develop ideas, create results and plan next steps together.

IMAP workshops are characterised by a mutual appreciation and openness of the participants. We select the appropriate tools for each target group from our pool of methods.

Coaching at the  IMAP Institute

We see coaching as a way to reflect personal topics from new and unfamiliar perspectives, and to develop individual solutions to current challenges. The aim of our work at IMAP is to broaden the view on each situation, to develop and establish a resourceful status and to support the coachees in finding their own solutions. We do not see our role as advisors, but rather as neutral and empathic psychological coaches. Often, your own resources from other periods of life or other life scenarios can be made available during the coaching process. In our coaching sessions, we apply proven methods from different schools of thought:

  • Solution-focused interviews by Steve de Shazer
  • Setting up systemic structures by M. Varga von Kibéd >
  • Biography work by Gudrun Burkhard
  • Dual drawing by Hildrun Rolff
  • Associative picture cards
  • Role playing with video recording
  • Improvised theatre by Keith Johnstone
  • Neuro-linguistic programming by Robert Dilts
  • Psychological test procedures
  • Art therapy elements
  • Hero’s journey (Joseph Campbell) 

Elsa van Amern vom Institut IMAP

Lectures by the IMAP Institute

In order to keep customers and employees informed, we prepare lectures on a variety of topics in psychology. Within the framework of conferences, staff meetings or health days, we offer presentations on significant topics and tailor them to the respective target group. Our customers benefit from the status quo of current research as well as from rich examples from our longstanding experience.