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Video: Conversation with Elsa van Amern

A key aspect of the work that we do at IMAP involves combining a scientific approach with practical experience. Based on a qualified psychology study, we develop practical and ready-to-implement solutions for companies. 

The IMAP Institute offers 3 essential benefits:

  • To make resources available to people
  • To establish links between people that enable a sustainable cooperation
  • To encourage people to believe that they can cope well with the challenges of everyday life

It is particularly important for us to establish a culture of mutual learning in operational practices. Only if all participants commit to lifelong learning from and with each other, can spontaneous solutions be quickly developed and efficiently implemented. The IMAP Institute supports people in their continuous development.


At IMAP, we use our expert advice to:

  • Support companies that keep people up to date with the latest innovation trends
  • Promote real appreciation between people

What really makes the IMAP Institute unique is the mix of cordiality, dedication, in-depth background knowledge and experience. We are fully committed to each new project and build a trustful relationship with our customers. We only consider our work at IMAP done when we helped to resolve team conflicts and to create a good basis for mutual success. At an individual level, we aim to encourage people to see stress no longer as an insurmountable problem, but rather as a manageable task.

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