Diagnostic & Goals of IMAP

Our team possesses extensive experience in handling different kinds of personnel and organisational development topics, drawing on various tried-and-tested methods of psychological diagnostics that suit the specific customer’s needs.


The IMAP Institute works with the following methods:

  • Psychological test procedures for assessing potential, management evaluation, personal performance analysis for burnout prevention
  • Employee surveys
  • Developing questionnaires for anonymous online surveys or manuals for personal interviews
  • Analysis and risk assessment of mental stress
  • Solution-focused preparation talks
  • Systemic preparation workshops

Suggestions from employees, gathered through online surveys and interviews, can be used as important starting points to come up with practical solutions. The IMAP Institute coordinates the entire process in an open and appreciative consultation with the customer.


Objectives are cooperatively set and pragmatic solutions are conceptualised based on the results of the diagnostic phase. Here IMAP uses its years of experience and well-tested tools to make sure that resources are fully utilised and solutions are steadily integrated.

BIP - Bochumer Inventar zur berufsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung - Institut IMAP

Example of a psychological test procedure:

Evaluation profile of a BIP

(Business-focused Inventory of Personality)


The BIP is a personality test which we use at IMAP for leadership development purposes in particular. The 19 scales depict personality traits that are relevant in the work environment. Strengths and potentials are identified, and can later be used to define the focus of leadership development. The picture shows the comparison of a person’s self-perception and perception by others. Each evaluation includes a detailed report, which we discuss in detail with each manager.


Another possibility is the creation of a job description, which can be used for the recruitment process.