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We find ourselves in an intensive change process. Daily, there is new information which changes the personal and corporate world. Proven processes must be newly invented. The crisis forces us to  keep our spatial distance. Trust is put to the test. The necessary flexibility is possible when security is perceptible.


Our work at IMAP involves human interaction and person-to-person encounter – face-to-face, by telephone and virtually. At the moment, we offer our scientifically substantiated as well as tried and tested concepts only in digital format. 

We at IMAP continue to see our task as nurturing clarity and security in corporate systems, in every individual as well as between individuals, in order to prepare the best possible ground for personal and corporate development – especially in challenging times. 

With our offers, we promote stability on 3 levels. The model from the book “Klare Ziele, klare Grenzen” (Mierke & van Amern, 2019, S.252) gives you guidance on this. We develop your individual solution in dialogue with you.

Level 1: I – Inner Clarity about Values and Goals                                                                      Tension & Relaxation in a healthy Balance

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP): counselling on mental stress caused by your workplace, conflict counselling, …
  • Solution-focussed Coaching: Accompaniment of managers during the change process

Level 2: Me & You – Clarity in Communication                                                                    Acceptance & Respect in Dialogue

  • Advice on the design and planning as well as the presentation of online-workshops and meetings
  • Silent accompaniment of employee- and team discussions including preparation and feedback

Level 3: We – Clarity in the System                                                                                          Openness and Trust as a Culture

  • Leading at a distance: Leadership and team coaching to establish and maintain a “trust-error-learning-culture”
  • Workshop: efficient cooperation through shared values and agreements on the “culture of togetherness”

In consultation with you, we use GDPR-compliant tools in order to achieve development objectives on the different levels. For you, this is possible via PC, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. We have every digital possibility to provide virtual workshops, meetings, surveys, and webinars with you. 


Since the contact blocking relaxations, we have been offering blended-learning concepts, a combination of virtual and face-to-face appointments embedded in a learning management system. 


We wish you all the best and most importantly, stay healthy!


Best wishes,

Your Institut IMAP-Team